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About Lomas Drones

Lomas Drones is a fully certified CAA Aerial Drone company and part of Lomas Helicopters, a family run Aerial company with over 25 years experience in the business. 

We boast some of the industries most advanced under 20kg Drones capable of carrying professional standard cinema cameras.

With years of experience working in the film Industry worldwide we have the unique understanding of the demands and schedule of day to day film production. With this we aim to bridge the gap with the laws and restrictions of Aerial flying to make your vision a reality.

Capturing jaw dropping Aerial shots requires careful planning and a keen artistic vision that works with the creatives on the production team. Let us give your project greater scope and scale. 

Our Aerial Drones carry an integrated camera gimbal, the Ronin-MX. This gimbal is able to hold  professional level cameras and associated equipment up to 6kgs. This includes the Red Epic, Black Magic cinema camera and Alexa Mini. It can also support DSLR camera such as the Canon 5Diii mark3 and Sony F7, as well as the Zenmuse x5raw camera. 

With Lightbridge 2 we can split the HD video feed to several monitors in video village. We can also cater for live tv transmission. 

Be it Films, Television shows, Documentaries, Commercials or Corporate events Lomas Drones will work for you. 

Lomas Drones is a verified BBC supplier. 

  • CAA licensed Drone Operators up to 20kg

  • Film Industry Experience

  • Fully Insured up to £2 million

  • Fire Safety certified

“Lomas Drones is equipped and excited to take part in projects in the UK and worldwide.


Our Drones:

DJI Matrice 600 - heavy load carrying drone up to 6kg. The Ronin MX gimbal attaches below to carry professional cinema cameras like the Alexa Mini or RED camera 

DJI Inspire Professional - this is a lightweight drone which can hold the Zenmuse X5raw camera.

Our Camera Equipment:

Ronin MX - Camera gimbal able hold a Red dragon, Alexa Mini, Blackmagic cinema camera, DSLRs

Zenmuse X5raw camera - A lightweight gimbal camera shooting Raw 4k footage - As the world’s first Micro Four Thirds camera made specifically for professional aerial photography and videography, the Zenmuse X5R gives you the freedom to choose your lens.

DJI MFT LENS - 15mmf/1.7 ASPH - Equivalent: 30mm

OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO LENS - 25mm f/1.8 ASPH - Equivalent: 50mm



Lomas Drones specialises in Aerial Filming and Photography. 

We aim to produce exciting aerial imagery that will give your film or product added wow factor! 

The Lomas Drones 2015/16 reel. All footage was captured with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. 


Wedding Filming and photography. 

We work with a range of wedding videographers to add scale and perspective to your wedding video. Either at the big venue or at home, on the day or just before; our aerial shoots make your wedding day video memorable. 



Wedding Videographers

Lomas Drones offer competitive daily rates for wedding day drone filming. We also offer deals on 2 or more weddings to help you cut down on price. Please contact us for further details. 

Thank you for choosing Lomas Drones for your aerial filming requirements. 

As each shoot is different, we feel the best way to ascertain a quote for your job is to contact us; Where we can talk you through our services and pricing. 

Please email us at

or telephone our offices 01237 421054

                                         07554 594 963

Once we have spoken to you about the job requirements, we will advise you as to the size of drone and camera we would use for the job. This will affect the quote. 

Filming with drones generally requires obtaining certain permissions and permits from Landowners and/or a local air traffic control centers. 

For every job we are required to perform a risk assessment of the job and the location. Filming with drones are also subject to the weather. Light winds and light rain is fine but anything more will mean rescheduling the flight. 

Lomas Drones will only operator if the pilot is happy with the current risk status in the flight environment. This is done for the safety of the crew, public and the UAV industry profile. 



The following rates are for using the services of Lomas Drones

Our drone packages come with full supporting equipment including HD downlink to a small HD720 monitor with the ability to break out to other monitors, portable charging facilities for flight batteries and a high mobility support vehicle. All prices quoted are subject to the standard rate of VAT currently at 20% & a deposit of 30% secures booking.

Package rates per day - Rates shown are per day (Weekly rate is the day rate x 4 (6 days)

Super Pro package with camera        £1,250

(Heavy lifting drone with DJI Ronin MX gimble including GH4 camera + 4k Prime lenses)

Super Pro package without camera    £1,230

(Heavy lifting drone with DJI Ronin MX gimble)

Pro package (X5R camera kit)        £1,050

Inspire pro package                          £550

Optional extra for X5R camera kit        Additional lens        £30 per day

  • If you are using a drone package with the DJI Ronin MX gimble, then we can use it in handheld mode when not flying without extra charge. This can add considerable production value to the day.
  • A spotter will be added to the package if the pilot feels it is necessary for the requirement of the job. This will be an additional £120 per day.
  • Additional costs may be added subject to the recce.


Alexa mini and RED cameras, with appropriate lenses are hired in. We use a number of providers to keep the prices down where possible. We make no mark up on the camera and charge them at cost price. We are also very happy for you to supply your own camera for us to use.

The DJI X5R can be used with both the M600 & the Inspire creating a high quality package at a competitive rate.

DJI X5R with 2 lenses                £130

The Zenmuse X5R is the world’s first Micro Four Thirds aerial camera capable of recording lossless 4K videos in RAW. With a frame rate of up to 30fps and a maximum bitrate of 2.4Gbps, the X5R ensures you get professional footage every time. Including a powerful MFT sensor, the camera can also take 16-megapixel images.

Additional costs:

Mileage                    £0.35 per mile

Prep/recce day       £150 + travel

Day rates are for a 10 hour day. Half day rates are negotiable

Other costs, if applicable, are charged at receipt value.  All prices quoted are subject to the standard rate of VAT currently at 20% & a deposit of 30% secures booking.


DJI_0134 (1).jpg
Close up looking for chimney damage. 

Close up looking for chimney damage. 

Building Surveying

Aerial photography of buildings and industrial warehouses. 

This is a cost effective way to stay ahead of rust or water damaging on your building, saving you money on hiring scaffolding and crew. 

We offer deals on more than one day of surveying and any recurring work.  

We can get unclose photographs and even give you a short video. 


Overview of a roof in Plymouth

Overview of a roof in Plymouth

Large overview of Farm buidlingg

Large overview of Farm buidlingg